Easiest way to setup a new Google account

Easiest way to setup a new Google account

Google is a unified company that hosts different Internet-based products, owned-services and its own search engine which provides user-friendly experience. One of its most used products is Gmail which provides free email service. Gmail is a safe and convenient email account that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Once you have created a Gmail account, you can easily register to other Google account features such as Youtube, Picasa, Feedburner, Adwords, Adsense, Google Reader and a lot more.

The easiest way to setup an account with Google is by creating a new Gmail account. Follow the steps given below.

Open a web browser and type in "http://www.google.com/" to its address bar. You will be routed to Google homepage.

Click the Gmail link available on the upper part section of the page.

Google homepage sign in

Click the "Create an account" tab to setup a new account.

Enter your name, your desired email address and password.

Choose a security question and fill-in your answer on the available field. This might help you in the future in case you forgot your Google account password. Your location will show up automatically depending on where you current are.

Fill-in the given field for the available captcha and click the “I accept Create my account” tab to proceed.

setup Gmail account register form

Google will ask you to provide a mobile number for verification. They will send you a code to verify your account. But don't worry. This mobile verification will not charge you with anything. It is completely free.

Gmail verification code to mobile phone

Enter the code you received via mobile and click Send.

enter mobile verification code

Congratulations! Your new Gmail account has been created.

Google account creation completed

Take note that since you have created a Gmail account, you can sign up quickly to other Google owned-services such as YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, Adwords, Adsense and more just by using your new Gmail account login details when you sign up to these products.

Gmail is not just a mere email account. It also has its own web messenger available on your email account page. It is located on the under the left navigation sidebar of your email account page. Not like other email services out there, your Gmail account can be used on Google Talk which is the official web messenger of Google.

Goodluck on your Google account creation!


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