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Google not just a search engine has provided a lot of innovations throughout these years. It is already a unified system which brings more owned products and services than before. One of the most used would be its web browser called the Google Chrome. Surfers identify Chrome as one of the fastest Internet browser today. It comes with a search engine and address bar in one field. We could easily replace our current browser for this one.

We intend to uninstall and then reinstall any programs on our computer just for a fresh start. Most of us think that it could speed up the way on how our software reads and writes. But in some cases, we would want to do these steps over and over again but to keep our old data as it is. Especially, when we are working on something and have saved a lot of profiles and information on a specific application. That is why the word backup came to birth. This happened a long time ago and it is still useful until now.

Google Chrome has a way to backup bookmarks as easy as 1-2-3. You can also import and export saved bookmarks just by hitting the Ctrl + Shift + B on your keyboard and it will automatically opens your bookmark manager. These options can be made whenever you feel like it. Let us check how it works..

First, we need to open our Bookmark Manager via Google Chrome's control panel or by hitting the shortcut keys I mentioned earlier.

go to google chrome bookmark manager

Once we are on the Bookmark manager page, choose the folder that you wish to back up and click the Organize drop down list. Choose Export Bookmarks, name the file and save it to your computer.

backup export bookmark

That is simply how backing up, exporting, saving bookmarks for Google Chrome should be done.

Same process would be for importing bookmarks, simply do almost all the steps that I thought you.

Go to Bookmark manager.

Then click the Organize tab and this time, you have to choose Import Bookmark. Look for the file you saved on your computer and open it.

import saved bookmark

All done and everything will get back to when it was before.

Good luck on your importing and exporting of bookmarks!


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