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Popularity is what every webmaster wants to achieve. You can't just build a website, submit it to all web directories, let it get indexed on its own and leave everything to mature. Building a website is not all that. Search Engine Optimization is a lifetime process of optimizing your web pages in order drive a lot of traffic to it.

There are two ways of how you can optimize your page. These both ways should be use once a website has been built or could even apply while building it. It would always depend on how you plan your SEO. Anyway, these are the Onpage and Offpage optimization. The words say it all. Onpage optimization is where you configure your website from the inside. That includes putting your keywords in the title tag, header tag, alt tags, body content, and how well you use your keyword or key phrases. While Offpage optimization is the opposite. You need to use other websites in order to help you achieve a much higher popularity by the use of link connections. That is how SEO works.

But how will you determine the sites popularity? How will identify the page rank of each of your web pages?

I have found two ways to check a webpage's rank in the Internet. But let me remind you that page rank is not exactly the website’s position in the search engine, but their rank when it comes to popularity. You can label their ranks from 1 up to 10.

First, you can go to Google PageRank Checker and enter the complete URL of the web page you want to know the ranking position. You will be asked for an anti-bot code for you to fill-in.

enter URL to check page rank

fill in anti bot to verify

Once done, your current page rank will show and you could also install it to your page for the viewers to learn about your web page’s rank on Google.

page rank checked and free for download

The second option would be the easiest. You should have at least Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You can install it on your computer if you don’t have one of these browsers yet. And once you do, install Google toolbar on it. Then add the page rank gadget by clicking the Option tab on the far right of the toolbar. Once a new window showed up, go to Tools section and tick the page rank box and save your progress.

add page rank gadget

page rank installed in toolbar

The page rank icon will be added to your Google toolbar. Every time you go to any web pages, the bar will be filled with green depending on the page rank of the website or blog you visited.

Surf for more pages and try it out. :)


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