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Links are those alpha-numeric text codes in forms of URL that addressed a certain web page. Links are important online in order for each web page to interact. These are usually associated with HTML element called anchor text. This anchor text can easily be identified as text in colours blue or purple that when you clicked on will route you to a different page, could be to another page within the site or to different web site.

One factor that we should consider when doing offpage search engine optimization is to create links. Not just building links from page to page within your own web site but links to and especially from other sites. These are called backlinks. Backlinks will help you rank high in search engine and will also drive a lot of traffic, which we all struggling to achieve. However, this factor has been argued many times by bloggers and webmasters up until now. Some say that content is king. Some also say backlinks will give you the opportunity to rank high in search engines and suck more traffic online. But I say that both of these factors are correct and should be applied. You will never be on top of SERP if you will only do just one. Well maybe you will rank high if you do just one, but it might take years or you will surely be outranked by others doing both of these factors right away.

Let me give an example. Say you just opened an animal clinic in a remote area. You hired well-trained staffs and have all the equipments needed for all the services you offer. So therefore, your content is already a king. But since you are new to the area and don't know anyone in nearby towns, no one knows your clinic exist. So, what will you do? Of course, you will spread the word that you have just opened a business. Then it would be up to you how you will promote it. You might tell your friends and families about it, post advertisements on every wall in the street, pay for a fee to post your business on local newspapers, magazines, etc...

For your friends and families, they will be your loyal customers. But will surely not draw much traffic from it. For those ads you posted on walls and on local newspapers, random people will read about it. Few people will ignore due that they saw your ads but was looking for a different service. But most of them searching for related offers might also be your customers. Posting ads will give you huge traffic but will also charge a lot. Then the question is, what should be the best source of your traffic for free? This is where you have to let your backlinks interact with relevancy.

Instead of just spreading words via ads and relatives, try to search for firms more relevant to your business. You may find local reputable stores that sell animal cages, dog and cat foods, pet accessories, and other related business. Ask them if you could post ads on their stores and in return, you will advertise their products on your clinic. Then popularity will be earned eventually.

Do you get the idea now?

Backlinks are not just linking your site to different non-related websites. Always look for blogs or websites that are related to what you are marketing. Keep your craft in good shape and look for the best source of backlinks to pull traffic to your web site. Then sooner or later, everything will fall into place.

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