5 Basic Do's and Don’ts in applying SEO strategies on website or blog

Content really is the king and what should every blogger need to consider to become successful blogging. However, SEO strategy is a must in order for your site to earn popularity and to direct a lot of traffic to it. There are basic things we should be aware of when building each web pages without getting in trouble that our site might get deleted from search engine page results. There are some things that we can apply to our websites and some things that we should consider not doing at all.

5 Ethical SEO Do's

- Create web pages that contain targeted keywords, quality content, anchor text, links, alt tags in order to improve site ranking.

- Proper use of keywords on each page. As long as it make sense without being redundant, that would be fine. Thesaurus would be a good tool in search of relevant words and phrases to be used on your content.

- Be sure that your web site is linked to and from a good website; or better be to or from a web page that has a high PR.

- Get traffic with the use of SEO (configure web pages by onpage and offpage optimization), SEM (PPC advertising) and SMM (social networking strategies).

- Submit website to search engine site maps once instead of waiting for it to get indexed.

5 Unethical SEO Don’ts

- Use of any unwanted type of SEO strategies such as applying hidden keywords or texts on your page content. This type of technique will definitely ban your site from search engines.

- Generate links from unrelated sites for the sake of increasing your page rank via link building. Links from irrelevant web pages will result of your website or blog be removed from search engine index.

- Generate artificial traffic to your pages to increase site popularity. Search engines have programs that can detect this type of fake moves that could block your site from being visible on SERP.

- Submit your site map everyday would lead your site not to get indexed at all. Give it at least 2 months to resubmit your site again in cased it hasn't showed on search pages yet.

- Expect that once you finished working SEO on your website, just leave it and let it drive traffic by itself. Be advised that SEO is a no ending process. Once your site got up and running, you have to maintain its business for as long as it’s alive.

These are some of the strategies that you should keep in mind as long as you are applying SEO on your website. Keeping your site visible on SERP and doing the basic things to earn online popularity will eventually drive a lot of traffic.


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