Setup up Gmail and Access it on Windows Live Mail 2011

E-mail simply means Electronic Mail. A type of software we can use to send or exchange digital messages online. Other than those instant messengers that could also send online messages, e-mail has always been there to aid us whenever we need to forward our letters even if the receiver or the recipient is offline. It has been part of our personal and business routines and I don't think there's anyone not registered to any e-mail services, even when you wish to create a Facebook account. Of course, you won't be able to register on Facebook unless you have your own e-mail address. That is one of the requirement most website needs to verify ones personal details and information.

There are lots of email providers in the Internet and two of these providers are Gmail and Windows Live Mail. Both have its unique interface, difference when it comes to being user-friendly, instant messaging, and so much more. But unlike Gmail that can only be accessed via web browser, Windows Live Mail has its own software that comes when you installed Windows operating system. Before, it provides Microsoft Outlook for an easy email access without the use of any browser.

With Windows 7 been released, it comes with an all new email service which is Windows Live Mail 2011. This software is very cool and its whole look is better than Outlook. If you wish to stick on owning a Windows Live account, this could be for you. Check it out.

But for those who are too in love with Gmail since having a Google Account gives you a lot of opportunities to use different products and services with the use of a single email address. However, some wants to take advantage of the new Live Mail. So the question is how can we access our Gmail e-mail account on the new Windows Live Mail 2011?

First, you have to login to your Gmail account and enable IMAP. Once you are logged in, click on Settings located on the upper right corner of your browser window. Then go to Forwarding IPOP and IMAP section and enable the IMAP. Save your progress.

click on settings

enable your Gmail imap

The next thing you need to do is to open your Windows Live Mail 2011. Then click on the Menu tab located on the upper left corner of the live mail window.

click on menu

Click on Export Email tab and choose Account.

click export email

Another window will pop up where you can add an email account. Click on Add tab.

add your email account

Select the type of account that you wish to access from your Windows Live Mail. Choose Email Address and click Next.

select email account type

Enter your Gmail login details. Tick the Manually configure server settings option.

enter Gmail login details

Configure your server settings manually. Under incoming server information, choose IMAP as your server type. Enter - imap.gmail.com - as your server address and its port as - 993. Tick the Requires SSL box. Then leave the Authenticate using field and type in your logon user name.

For outcoming server information, enter - smtp.gmail.com - as your server address and its port as - 465. Tick both Requires SSL box and Requires authentication box. Then click on Next once done.

configure your server settings

email account registered

You are now done with the configuration of your email account. Once you have closed this window, data from your Gmail will be transferred to Windows Live Mail software.

transfer date 1

Then close your live mail software and reopen it again to have a refresh.

transfer data 2

Before the window opens, it will transfer the remaining data and configuration from your Gmail account to this mail software.

Gmail to Windows Live Mail 2011 accessed

All done. You may now start to access your Gmail account via Windows Live Mail


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